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Top 10 Things We Like More Than Studying

By: Lili Samios and Dagney Palmer
10. Playing Temple Run
Don’t want to hit the books just yet? Why not run through a torch-lit maze being chased by giant monkeys?           
9. Hating
Whether you hate on Bieber, hipsters, Twilight, Rebecca Black, or just other people in general, hating is an easy way to put off the stuff you actually hate.
8. Eating
Food is pretty much the best thing ever. What else am I supposed to do when I’m bored? So why not enjoy a nice sandwich or slice of pizza before studying? Food for thought.
7. Hanging out with your vampire boyfriend
What is the average, dull, uninspiring teenage girl gonna do with her time? Hang out with her sexy vampire boyfriend. But this is almost as stressful as studying! What is your werewolf best friend going to think? Whenever will you finish the LAUNDRY?!?! Added to your overall negative outlooks on everything and everyone, studying might be preferable.
6. An arrow in the knee
Taking an arrow in the knee? Way better than studying.
5. Worrying about the coming apocalypse
It’s coming…
4. Slaying
Zombies? Werewolves? Pythons? Whatever happens to be threatening humanity at the moment.
3. Talking to Siri
Siri knows all; learn from her wisdom.
2. Derpin’
Derpin’ around the internet is a great way to spend your valuable time! There’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hulu, and more! And derping around watching TV is fun too, as well as derpin’ around the mall, the playground, or just around your house; derp to your heart’s content.
1. Staring into space
The number one thing we like more than studying is NOT studying. Simply staring into space, daydreaming, and zoning out are some of the most loved activities of our generation. Waste a day in no time at all!!

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