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Paranormal Activity Trilogy Movie Review


By Dagney Palmer and Lili Samios


Paranormal Activity, the 2007 thriller written and directed by Oren Peli, has become a national hit which has sprouted two more movies over the past four years. The movie tells the story of Katie and her boyfriend Micah, who are determined to capture their resident demon on film by setting up a video camera in their room.
The first movie was an independent film that slowly rose to fame. It got overall good reviews and terrified everyone who watched it. It is now considered by many to be a horror movie classic. Fans of the thriller genre should see this movie at some point, even if they have to cover their face the whole time.
The second movie was a prequel to the first, with a clue about what happened to Katie at the end. This movie was bashed by critics, who claimed that it was the same as the first movie. While it was very similar to the first film, the second movie fit well into the story and had many horrifying moments.
The third movie is also a prequel. It takes place in the 80s, back when the activity first started happening to young Katie and her younger sister, Kristi. The previews for this movie looked absolutely amazing, with a promise that the end of the movie would terrify viewers. The movie was terrifying and interesting, much like the first two movies, until the last fifteen minutes. It turns out that the preview was a fake out, so that moviegoers would never see the end coming. Unfortunately, the last fifteen minutes were anything but scary, and in fact fell incredibly short of expectations. Despite the disappointing ending, the overall movie was quite good. Don’t be surprised if Hollywood graces theaters with yet another Paranormal Activity next October. 
These three creepy movies have quickly become classics and will continue to succeed in giving fans nightmares for many generations to come. Perhaps Paranormal Activity will be to the next generation what Saw and Scream were to the previous ones.

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    sapphy03Dec 19, 2011 at 10:33 am

    I saw the trailer of the first movie, dint like it much!