Tuscarora’s Rho Kappa Honor Society Grows in Size and Scope

The Honor Society has expanded in numbers and impact

As students begin gearing up for AP testing and continue into the fourth quarter, the support that honor societies like Rho Kappa provide are essential to supporting the school community. 

Rho Kappa is the social studies honor society at Tuscarora, providing a space for social studies loving juniors and seniors.

“Rho Kappa is a collective organization that represents juniors and seniors that have a passion for social studies,” said Rho Kappa President and senior Ayrica Wang.

Honor societies allow passionate students to support their peers who might have more trouble in certain subjects. It allows struggling students to get the help they need, while student tutors can earn service hours for their efforts.

Rho Kappa offers tutoring every Tuesday starting at 8:30 A.M in Ms. Lane’s room. Students can come if they need help on assignments, someone to study with, or even just a quiet place to work. 

“Rho Kappa impacts Tuscarora by helping kids with history and getting their grades up,” said Wang.

Peer tutoring can provide a more comfortable environment for students in need, as it can feel more welcoming to receive help from someone your own age. On top of that, juniors and seniors tutor students in classes that they have already taken and passed successfully.

Rho Kappa expands their impact beyond Tuscarora, volunteering time to local organizations like Mobile Hope, a local non-profit supporting at-risk and homeless youth, and Heritage Hall, a local rehabilitation center and nursing home. Such opportunities allow students to broaden their impact and delve further into their local community.

“We help out the local community by volunteering at the retirement home or at food pantries,” said junior Historian Laila Ali.

After many clubs and organizations struggled with keeping up participation because of the pandemic, Rho Kappa has come back strongly, continuing to spread the joy of social studies and support the community.