DECA: What is it?

What is the DECA program at Tuscarora and why is it an important experience for students’ futures?


DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a student-led program that works to fuel the interest in building businesses as well as the education of marketing and leadership skills within the student population. DECA actively hosts competitions and conferences in order to actively build these interests.

Mrs. Vance, the head of DECA at Tuscarora, explains that in order to do said program, “they have to take a class in marketing and have a certified marketing teacher to represent them.” Having been in the business scene for 35 years, Mrs. Vance has a lot of hopes for her students that come through the program, “I hope that they’re able to get a great job. DECA is recognized throughout the United States and many businesses want to hire people who were in DECA.”

With the overall program aiming to help students improve their leadership and vocational skills, the program is known to help a lot of students in their everyday life. Skylar Bapst, a junior at Tuscarora and vice president of Career Development within DECA, says, “It made me more assured in what I’m saying and it gave me a better idea on how to talk to professionals.”

Though DECA teaches heavily into the idea of business and marketing, the reasons that the students decided to join didn’t fail to range from wanting to meet new people, wanting the experience, and even wanting to have an appealing aspect to their college resume. “I wanted to get more business and marketing skills to help increase sales with people and help my future.” says Bree Scanlon, junior at Tuscarora and vice president of Hospitality in DECA.

“Because of DECA I decided to major in business,” says Yaajushi Valluri, senior at Tuscarora and president of DECA. Showing that the impact of learning about the constantly growing, business-esque world around us, can truly impact a student’s choice in their educational pathway.

Recently, the DECA team went to States, some of them even placing within the competition. The members had the opportunity to work either solo or in a group, both having their ups and downs. One of the people who decided to work in a group, Anthony Kadon, a junior at Tuscarora and vice president of DECA, said, “With a partner, if you mess up, they can pick you up and can help you out. I’d definitely do it again.”

You can find and support DECA through their Instagram, @tusky_deca.