The Benefits of Having a Job in High School


Homework, on top of homework, on top of homework, will take up much of a high schooler’s schedule, so how is it that some students manage a job as well? As one of these students, I can see why people shy away from jobs during high school. Too much homework, too many clubs, or being overwhelmed by sports. On the flip side, schedules are usually flexible and there are certain benefits of having a job in high school.
As a server (basically a waitress) at a retirement community called Hessler Heights, I have experienced certain opportunities that come with a job. Learning how to manage time wisely, saving money, and getting ready for a job in the future are a few of them.
First, learning to manage time wisely is key to balancing school and a job. How many hours can you work a week while staying on top of homework, you need to ask yourself. Also, you have to find the time of the week that best works for your schedule. I do two shifts, Friday supper and Saturday breakfast, which usually gives me 5 hours a week. I work on the weekends because if I worked during the weekdays, I would have to worry about homework due or tests on the upcoming day.
Another opportunity that a job gives you is that you learn how to save and manage money. Once you start getting paychecks, you have to decide whether to save or spend that money. As a general rule of thumb, I deposit the check to savings. What I’m saving up for, who knows? But at least I know I have the money there because I didn’t spend it the second I got it.
Benefits, such as getting prepared for a job in the future, also apply. Getting prepared could be learning how to manage time or saving money, as mentioned before, but others are simply becoming familiar with being in a job environment, figuring out what it’s like to be on a schedule, and working with other people. Personally, I have learned that you have to stay on task and be able to work with your team.
Whether or not any of these opportunities stand out to you, having a job certainly changes your high school experience. I have been able to connect with other students who work at Hessler Heights also and meet people from other schools. Outside of the realm of school, I have met people that I wouldn’t have without my job including the managers, other servers, and the residents there.
Despite the fact that I encourage people to consider getting a job, it’s still important to notice when a job becomes too demanding. Is your schedule controlling you instead of you controlling your schedule? When this happens, you need to take a step back and ask yourself if you are working too many hours. The best way to manage a job as well as homework and high school is to set a bar for yourself and see if it works for you.