Donating Is The Stuff Behind Power Buff

Mrs. Crawford shares what Power Buff is really about


The game of volleyball has been around for ages, though like most sports teams here, Tuscarora only offers Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity women’s teams. Combine that with our prom fundraiser, and some of our own peers started to feel left out.
“Power Buff started because the gentlemen wanted something to play after coaching and watching the females play Powderpuff,” said Sommer Craford, Tuscaroras testing coordinator and SCA sponsor.
While Powderpuff is usually when young boys coach young women in a friendly game of flag football, Power Buff is when young women coach a team of young men in a friendly game of volleyball. Though the differences do not stop there, while Powderpuff is a prom fundraiser underneath all the fun, and takes place after school, Power Buff is a charity underneath what catches the eye. It is played during school hours, at tusky time, which is already more accessible by allowing more people to come and join in on the fun.
Since around 2016 to 2017 Tuscarora has made it a tradition to not only plan out Power Buff games, but to “donate the food and money to Loudoun Hunger Relief,” said Mrs. Crawford. Loudoun Hunger Relief is a local charity that helps collect and provide food for those in need, and to get a ticket to the Power Buff game, you bring in three cans of perishable food, which all go to the charity.
“Last year we donated 1,161 pounds and 140 dollars,” said Mrs. Crawford, and “803 pounds of food” this year. Though we may not have been able to donate as much this year, it is still nice to know that with your help, and the help of your peers, we were able to band together to help where we could.
“Our community has supported Tuscarora with many endeavors over the years,” said Mrs. Crawford, “The least we can do is try to give back to our community by collecting food. Loudoun Hunger Relief has been wonderful to work with since we opened in 2010.”
To find out more about Loudoun Hunger Relief, call (703)-777-5911, go to 750 Miller Drive, Suite A-1 Leesburg, VA 20175, or check out