Loudoun Candle: A Business Run by Tuscarora Student William Just

How William Just founds his new business, Loudoun Candle, and juggles being an entrepreneur and student

Loudoun Candle: A Business Run by Tuscarora Student William Just


Loudoun Candle, or LoCA, is a business created by Tuscarora junior William Just. He got the idea for the business during the pandemic when his family couldn’t visit their favorite places in downtown Leesburg, so he decided to create candles with scents inspired by spots in Loudoun. “LoCA’s goal is to transport consumers back to a specific location or help them replay a special memory,” Just said. Leesburg residents can enjoy the scents of their town, and visitors can take a piece of the town home with them. 

Just started his business at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), an organization that teaches students about entrepreneurship. The YEA! teaches skills such as marketing, branding, finance, public speaking, and how to write a business plan. To complete the program, students pitch a business plan to a panel of judges, similar to the popular show, Shark Tank. Just won the local competition and represented Loudoun County virtually at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. “Although I did not win the national competition, I enjoyed learning about other business ideas from young entrepreneurs across the United States,” Just said. For winning 1st place in the local competition, Just was awarded $1,500 that he used to buy equipment and materials for LoCA. 

Just currently manages Loudoun Candle while also being a dedicated student. He prioritizes academics and school activities, and plans events so that they don’t interfere with school. “I have attended festivals, holiday fairs and pop-up events around the county to sell my candles,” Just said, regarding what he does for the business. He works with a vineyard that carries his candles, and is considering the idea of carrying candles in local boutiques. He does not currently sell his candles online, but they are for sale with selected retailers and in-person events. All the candles are handmade in batches. 

After high school, Just plans to attend college and study business. When asked about his plans for the business after he graduates, Just said, “I plan to continue LoCA while in college, and perhaps think of other business opportunities to start.”