Great End to the Cross Country Regular Season

Four Tuscarora athletes discuss their wins and losses from the 2022 cross-country regular season


The regular season for Tuscarora’s Cross Country team has officially ended. Both the Girls and Boys teams ran at Bull Run on Saturday, October 15th, 2022.

The Boys Varsity team came in 11th place out of 45 schools and Girls Varsity placed 4th out of 34 teams. Michaela Workman was the only scoring team member, coming in 14th place in the Girls Varsity race.

Although all Varsity athletes will continue into the postseason, for most team members, this was the last meet of the season. 

Third Battle is one of the flattest courses athletes run in their high school career. Many athletes PR, or run a personal record for the season or their whole life.

Freshman Ella Worley ran Third Battle for the first time “… it was a great race! I PR’d and the course was amazing.”

First time runner Claire Mattingley agreed, stating “I really liked Third Battle because of the [course layout].”

For many seniors, Third Battle was the last race in their high school cross country career. Senior Michaela Workman will continue to run in the postseason, but reflected on her previous years of running saying “[Cross country] is challenging, but because we’re all together, it’s easier to get through that challenge.”

This cross country season saw lots of runners suffering from injuries and illnesses spreading around the school. “We’re a very close-knit community,” explained Junior Aubrey Powers, “so if one person gets sick, the whole team gets sick. And that’s what we saw [this season].

Workman weighed in mentioning the struggles the Girls Varsity team has gone through this season, “People are putting in a lot of effort, especially upperclassmen because we’re getting close to the end of our time in cross-country… [but] what was a little unfortunate was people getting hurt and sick and not being able to race or practice.”

Overall, regular season runners were happy with their season and looking forward to supporting Varsity in the postseason. “This was my first season… I had some struggles with cramps that I had to work through, but I’m really proud of how far I’ve come since preseason,” reflected Worley.

Boys and Girls Varsity will run in Regionals at their home course on November 2nd, hopefully getting another win and continuing on to States.