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A less Annoying High School Musical

By: Dominic Gavan
What motivates you to get school lunch? Is it you forgot to pack, too lazy, your mom forgot, or you actually like the food (funny joke). For the lucky students at Tuscarora high school some people eat just to watch a cafeteria attendant sing and dance while serving their food. This energetic man’s name is Thomas and he is the single handed reason why Tuscarora food is a bar above the rest.
From the moment you get in the cafeteria you are met with four lines; but the choice of lines doesn’t usually come down to food, it stems from which Thomas is singing in. His presentation of food is a little different for everyone. Some lucky students are given a few extra chicken nuggets and a high five to top off their meals. The most common way for him to spice up your lunch is for him to simply sing and dance while serving your food.
His dancing isn’t at the caliber of our students; it rests around Americas Best Dance Crew level. His twirls and perfect pitch have the magic quality of turning the often unappealing food our school serves into Filet Mignon. When he hands you the basic cafeteria food you don’t pay attention to the half cooked chicken nugget or the orange potatoes. His singing and dancing has a magic quality of turning your eyes away from the food until you sit down and start eating.
To hear all of this is such a teaser if you have never experienced it so let me shed some light on the magnificence that is Thomas.

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