Getting To Know the Sophomore Class Co-Presidents

A closer look at the sophomore class leaders and how they collaborate.

Getting To Know the Sophomore Class Co-Presidents

The SCA, or Student Council Association, runs elections for each class to select officers who serve as the student government. The SCA manages fundraisers and class events, and serves as the general leaders of their class. Maryam Barokah and Claudia Chaplain were elected as co-presidents of the sophomore class SCA for the 2022-2023 school year. Let’s take a look at who these presidents are, what they’re doing now, what their plans are, and how they’re working together. 

Barokah is an energetic and enthusiastic person with ambitious plans for the SCA this year. She is involved in many extracurriculars and activities at Tuscarora. From fine arts to sports, Barokah is a part of guitar, secretary of the theater department, part of the wrestling team, and the tennis team last year. She also loves to sing, specifically to belt, as well as drawing and painting. 

Barokah ran for president because she is passionate and “always had ideas,” including an idea for a talent show to raise money for the sophomore class. 

Chaplain stated that she ran for president because, “I love helping other people and I love giving back to the community.” 

Claudia loves making things happen, putting projects together, and has the goal of creating a fun school environment this year. Chaplain has great management skills and is good at making sure everyone is included. She is interested in photography and you can see her taking pictures at many school events. 

Both presidents have different talents and areas of interest that lead them to work well together. Chaplain mentioned that Barokah has expertise in the fine arts, while she manages the miscellaneous. Barokah has enjoyed working with Chaplain, saying, “communication wise, it’s great.” 

Chaplain said, “Maryam is very courteous and very respectful, as well as the entire SCA, I think we’re a great team.” Both of them agree that it is significantly easier managing the responsibilities a president would have with a partner to help them out. 

“Hopefully we can work together for the rest of high school, if possible,” Chaplain added. 

Chaplain and Barokah had an idea for a trivia night as a fundraiser, which would be a good way to get everyone involved and make everyone feel included. They are also planning to create a sign-up sheet for anyone interested in helping out with future events. This is so that fellow sophomores know how they can contribute, including with hallway decorating for homecoming. 

When asked about homecoming plans Chaplain said, “Our SCA this year works with efficiency and manages very well so I think we will have a great homecoming this year.” 

The co-presidents are confident that the sophomores have a shot at winning the spirit stick, “I know that we are going to win the spirit stick because our SCA has the most creativity that I’ve ever seen out of one group of people,” Chaplain said. 

“Our grade holds a lot of determination and competitiveness,” pointed out Barokah, “It’s actually insane how talented and well-rounded our class is as a whole… our class genuinely has like, such amazing people.”  Both presidents believe in their sophomore class and with the combined effort of Barokah’s skill of communication and Chaplain’s go-getter attitude, the sophomores are in good hands. Serving as the “branch between everyone,” as Barokah put it, the co-presidents have plans for the upcoming year and are excited to make it happen!