A Fresh Start

First Quarter Freshmen Input



LEESBURG, VA – Music meets the students, both upperclassmen and newcomers, as they walk through the doors that will take them to their first day of school on the 25th of August. 

For some, including Imani Pippin, who plays in the band that welcomes the stream of students, and Betty Higgins, who is in that stream, this will be their first time attending Tuscarora High School.

Betty and Imani, as representatives for the class of 2026, are excited for this new experience. 

“I have one sister who has already graduated and she said that she really loved the teachers and got along with them,” Betty says. “Also, I think the electives are really cool. I chose Technical Theater and Spanish 1 because I thought Technical Theater seemed really cool.”

On a similar note, Imani mentions, “I have two siblings who have been to Tuscarora. I’m looking forward to meeting new people. I chose Band because I like playing my clarinet. Then I chose ASL cause I’d like to learn a new language.”

Although the homework amount has increased since their transition from Smarts Mill, both Betty and Imani recognize a few opportunities that Tuscarora offers to help them reach their goals. One such thing is the variety of classes that Tuscarora offers, including psychology.

“I would really like to go into psychology because I want to go into therapy,” Betty says.

Another opportunity is access to the Academies of Loudoun through Tuscarora. They offer a variation of courses, from Administration of Justice to Veterinary Science and many more.

“They have nursing there,” Imani replies.

As well as the courses Tuscarora has and the Academies, Tuscarora has many clubs for students to join: Key Club, Environmental Club, etc. 

“I think it would be fun to [join a club],” Betty says.

“I think I might join Key Club,” Imani says. As a word of advice, she adds, “Take stuff that you would like to do and that seems fun and not what someone else wants to do.”

To wrap things up, they determine that the school year ahead of them can be summed up in one word: fun!