Sisters on Base: Lillie Scheivert and Katie Scheivert

Sister duo Lillie Scheivert and Katie Scheivert have made a big name for themselves at Tuscarora for their athleticism, especially on the softball field, and now they will head to the University of Delaware to play D1 softball together.

Sisters on Base: Lillie Scheivert and Katie Scheivert

By: Joey Hudson

If you can imagine every sport that one could play, it’s more than likely that sisters Lillie Scheivert and Katie Scheivert have at the very least dabbled in almost every sport. With their active lifestyle in sports, the sisters have been a big contribution to Tuscarora’s sports programs and continue to excel in their sports. 

Both of the sisters have been involved in a variety of sports while growing up that has helped them stay active and find their passions. Lillie credits her mom for helping her get a start in sports early on, saying, “Growing up my mom always wanted my sister to get involved and stay active so she signed us up for as many sports as she could. I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, you name it! I just fell in love with basketball and softball, they grew up with me.”

Katie talks about how natural sports came to her. “Playing and participating in multiple sports has come naturally to me since I fell in love with so many,” Katie answers, “I always wanted to be active, whether I was actively playing a league sport or a family game of kickball. Upon trying different sports when I was younger, I chose to keep pursuing them until I narrowed it down to what I wanted to play at the collegiate level.”

While the two have played multiple different sports throughout their lives, both say that softball has been their favorite sport to play out of the other sports they have participated in. 

“Softball has stuck out to me over all my other sports since I first started playing,” Katie says, “Being on the softball field, in practice or a game, I’ve experienced that feeling you get when you step back and think about how good life is and I think having a sport that reminds you of how special life really is puts in perspective how valuable that sport must be for you.”

Lillie lists multiple reasons as to why her favorite sport is softball, telling us, “I just love being out on the field with my team. I love cheering for my teammates when they succeed and the adrenaline is always through the roof.”

Both Lillie and Katie have decided on which college they are going to attend, and both have chosen to go to the same school, University of Delaware. When asked what made her choose University of Delaware, Lillie says, “I’m committed to play softball at the University of Delaware. I decided to commit to UD because it just felt different when I was on campus. It sounds corny but when going through the recruiting process it’s important to find somewhere that feels like home, and UD brought me a sense of home. I didn’t feel the same feeling when I went on visits to other colleges.”

Katie also talks about her connection to the school that helped her decide to attend University of Delaware, responding with, “My recruiting process for college was different from most but out of the schools that would have given me an opportunity to play softball, I felt most connected to UD. Whether that be because of the relationships between the coaches or my parents connection there, I felt that I could see myself at Delaware more than anywhere.”

In regards to what they’re planning on majoring in, Katie wants to continue to be involved with sports for her major, choosing to study sports management. Katie says, “Throughout my life, sports have always given me a purpose and I am passionate about sports too. My life has always been connected to sports, so majoring in something related to sports feels right for me.”

“In college I think I want to major in media and design communications or something business,” Lillie says, “So that I can do photography/videography, it’s something that I also really enjoy doing other than softball.”

You can find some of Lillie’s photography and videos at @lilliesfilm on Instagram!

The sisters also talk about what it means to have each other by their side in both sports and soon enough college. Lillie describes it as “extremely exciting” but also “crazy”.

“We are each other’s biggest supporters and it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to play alongside each other at the college level. It’s something we’ve both always dreamed about and it’s soon going to be reality,” Lillie states.

“Considering my sister is my best friend, it seems pretty special that we are going to continue to grow and learn together through college,” Katie answers, “We were raised to always be there for each other and we were raised with an emphasis on family. Having someone on your side that knows you better than anyone and that will support you no matter what is so important and I think having each other is what has gotten us to the spot we are today.”

Thank you to Lillie Scheivert and Katie Scheivert for the interview and good luck to them in future sports and college!