Eryn Hubble Weighs in on Her Years in Wrestling & Future Plans

In an interview with the Captain of the Tuscarora wrestling team, Eryn Hubble highlights her experience with wrestling and what she plans on doing after graduation.

Eryn Hubble Weighs in on Her Years in Wrestling & Future Plans

By: Joey Hudson

Eryn Hubble has been a part of the Tuscarora wrestling team since her Freshman year and has established a name for herself during her time on the team. Hubble has competed in numerous other events outside of Tuscarora, such as competing nationally as well as competing in an All American wrestling tournament. Despite Hubble being a very solid and successful wrestler, Hubble at first had other sports in mind before settling on pursuing wrestling.

“All my life I had played a ton of different sports, and originally wanted to continue playing soccer in high school. My dad played Lacrosse, and so did my three other sisters, so it was highly encouraged for me to play on the team like they did. I started wrestling my freshman year, honestly because I just really didn’t want to play Lacrosse, and I’m so glad I did,” Hubble says.

In a sport that is mostly dominated by male athletes, Hubble is one of the few female wrestlers that participate in the sport, where she also faces male opponents while competing for Tuscarora. When asked about how she feels about this, Hubble views it as “empowering.” She states, “I think females participating in a male dominated combat sport is inspiring to younger generations as well, because just being there is a statement, win or lose. It shows that anyone can do anything, and that females are just as capable as males, even in physical competition.”

“I think my proudest accomplishment from wrestling so far has been me becoming ranked 17th in the Nation, and committing to wrestle in college,” Hubble answers when asked her proudest moment from competing in wrestling, “These are definitely my biggest accomplishments because I never thought that they would ever happen. As a freshman just learning how to wrestle, I never once thought that I would be ranked 17th nationally, an All American placing at high level wrestling tournaments, or commit to college to wrestle.”

As previously stated by Hubble, she still plans on furthering her career in wrestling to a college level. But what college did Hubble decide to commit to? Hubble says that she was committed to wrestle at Emory and Henry College, a place where she wants to continue a legacy. Hubble gave her reasons as to why she chose Emory and Henry College, saying, “I chose Emory and Henry College because it’s where both my grandparents went, and my older sister, and I’m a legacy there. It means a lot being able to wrestle at the collegiate level for the college that means so much to me and my family.”

Hubble is still deciding what major she wants to study while attending college, but she has narrowed down her options to sports medicine and sports psychology. Hubble says that she specifically chose those majors because she wants to be able to help people. “I’ve been injured while playing sports, and I want to help people with sports related injuries to return to the sports they love,” Hubble says when talking about why she would go with sports medicine. When talking about why she would go with sports psychology, Hubble says that she would want to help athletes with their confidence and work through their mental blocks.

We wish Hubble the best of luck for her wrestling career and her major!