Preparing For First 2021-2022 Pep Rally

With the first pep rally since the 2019-2020 school year taking place this Friday, SCA leader Mrs. Crawford shares the behind the scenes of putting together the pep rally.

Preparing For First 2021-2022 Pep Rally

Tuscarora High School will be holding the first 2021-2022 pep rally of the school year. This pep rally in particular will be exciting for multiple different reasons. One, this will be the first pep rally in 2 years. Due to COVID-19 and students and administrators having to do distance learning, the SCA hasn’t been able to hold a pep rally since the 2019-2020 fall pep rally. This will also be the first pep rally for both the Sophomore and Freshman classes. The Sophomores this year never got to experience a pep rally due to their Freshman year being all virtual, so they’ll be getting their first experience of the electrifying energy of the pep rallies along with the Freshman class.

For those who don’t know, Mrs. Crawford is the school’s testing coordinator as well as the leader of the SCA team. The SCA team is a group of students who help plan and coordinate some of the major events here at Tuscarora, one of them being the pep rally. In an interview with Mrs. Crawford, she gives us some information on what to expect at the pep rally as well as what went into preparing for it.

Without giving too much away when it comes to the activities, Mrs. Crawford teased that one of the games played will be “Aye Aye Captain,” a common game sometimes played in PE where students run to opposite sides and the Captain will call out an order that the participants will have to perform. Sometimes the activities are individual, and other times they require groups. Mrs. Crawford will also be having the hosts teach the Fight Song to the freshman class. 

Despite having multiple fun games and activities still planned, Mrs. Crawford noted that she and the SCA team had to work around the COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandate, something that was very different and odd to her. “I feel like it’s changed everything,” Mrs. Crawford told us, “I’ve been trying to do this for a long time and this year things are so different. Trying to plan things while ensuring social distancing guidelines and keeping everyone safe has been difficult.” However, despite the challenges, Mrs. Crawford is still thankful that they were given the green light to hold the pep rally and it makes this one that more special for her and the team.

With it being a new school year, a new team of SCA Officers have taken over the positions of the previous ones. Despite Mrs. Crawford not putting a lot of work on them too early, she notes that the new SCA Officers have taken up their roles with pride and are willing to put in the work in order to ensure a good pep rally as well as a fun Homecoming.

Originally scheduled to take place on September 17, a day before Homecoming, the pep rally had to be rescheduled to this Friday, September 24 due to bad weather on the original date. The pep rally will also be outside in order to fit COVID-19 protocols as having the entire school in one, indoor place would be breaching protocols.