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How the SCA is Dealing with COVID


By — Taylor Byrne

The Student Council Association, or SCA, are groups of students from each grade level who work together to create an environment where students assist in school activities and to create a unique highschool experience. At Tuscarora we have SCA members at each grade level. At the beginning of the school year students campaign to their peers in the hopes that they are elected to represent their grade level.  This year the senior SCA President is Ella Nassauer; the junior SCA President is Shoebur Rahman; the sophomore SCA President is Yaajushi Valluri; and the freshman SCA President is Tabitha Shin.

Similarly with most school organizations this year the SCA has faced many challenges due to COVID-19. And because of these challenges they have needed to find new ways to the keep students engaged with school and the small amounts of activities that can be held safely.

According to Junior SCA President Shoebur, as of right now it is hard to plan for the future due to how uncertain it is.  However he is hopeful that in the months to come school will gradually become more in person more activities can be planned for.  He assured me that things are still in the works, “The main things we’re looking at the moment are collaborating with local leesburg business to raise money for future events.” By being proactive with funding events can still be possible moving forward.

Similar things are happening within the sophomore SCA. Across the board COVID has limited what can be done however events are still in motion.  “We are tossing around ideas the would keep us socially distanced, like online contests or spirit weeks; and maybe even some donations to help organizations and others in need,” says Yaajushi the sophomore SCA class president. As usual the SCA is committed to not only helping students but the community as well.

In the freshman and senior SCA’s this year is even more devastating and difficult as it is either their first or last year at Tuscarora.  The SCA is doing everything to create some normalcy for their peers. “We were also thinking of having some approved gatherings so that all of the freshmen can get involved since this is our first year at Tusky afterall,” said freshman class president Tabitha. For the freshman hopeful, next year the SCA will be able to create new memories for their class. Unfortunately for the seniors they have missed several events this year, but they have memories from the past three that they will take with them into the next phase of their lives and are hopeful for opportunities this year to create new, albeit different memories.

As the school year continues on, the SCA will continue to try and create a memorable school year and to create a better community for students and those outside of it. 

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