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The Psychology of Soulmates


By — Njeri Jackson

Most people have heard the term some way or another. What exactly is a soulmate though? How do soulmates actually work? Here’s one explanation of this phenomenon.

First off, a soul is, simply put, the essence of someone’s being. When someone dies it is often stated that “their soul has departed”, so the soul is essentially a person away from the body. An individual is a soul that just happens to have a body. There are other opinions on what a soul truly is, and different people think different things, but this is what most people are referring to when they say “soul”. 

The term “soulmate” essentially refers to a person that you share a deep soul connection with. People can have more than one soulmate actually, but each one has a different purpose in your life. When most people think or define soulmates though, they are usually talking about someone they are destined to be with in a romantic relationship. 

When soulmates meet it is often an almost otherworldly experience. The first encounter is one of the most common ways people can determine if they’ve actually met their soulmate. Usually both individuals recognize that there is something special about that person, they just have a feeling about it, but it’s often denied because sometimes peoples’ minds can’t comprehend what has just happened, or they try to be logical about it. It’s almost like they’re in a state of shock. This reveals why people don’t consciously recognize that they’ve met their soulmate until much later in time. It is almost like the two souls know each other which is why when meeting a soulmate there is a feeling of déjà vu, whether that be in the past or future. Someone could be meeting a person for the first time, but it’s like their souls have met already which is why they have the sensation of feeling like they’ve known that person forever, when in reality they have never come across each other before. It is important to note that when all of this happens, both people feel it, maybe in slightly different ways, but it is never one-sided. 

After soulmates meet there is usually a “change” within each person. Whether that be discovering a new hobby, discovering what they actually want to do in life, etc, each person helps the other become who they are meant to be. They aren’t changing them exactly, but just helping them discover who they really are. The person doesn’t even have to say anything to the person at all, once they meet the change usually subconsciously happens over time.

Contrary to popular belief, soulmates do NOT have to be romantically involved, it just happens often because of the deep connection the two peoples’ souls have with each other. The connection between the two people is so strong that once the two people meet it’s very difficult to be apart, as both souls will constantly be trying to be together. That’s why when hearing about soulmates, the two people repeatedly come in contact with each other, particularly in situations where they most likely wouldn’t. There is often this “pull” towards each other that both individuals feel, which can become subconscious to the point that they are not even aware that it’s happening until they are seperated.

To put this all simply, a soulmate is a person that an individual shares a soul connection with. Their encounters with each other are often unusual and out of the ordinary. Whether or not people believe it or not, is up to them to decide. 

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