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How Tuscarora is Preserving its Activities Despite Covid-19


By — Taylor Byrne

Photos — taken last year

One of the most uniting factors of any highschool experience is what happens after school hours. Where students can do what they love, friends and family can come out and show their support, and teachers can see first hand what makes their students so special.  These outlets for student expression are each unique in their own way; sports, theatre, music, and clubs to name a few.  These extracurricular activities drive students to perform to the best of their ability in school and out, some even help build futures during student’s four years of high school. 

 For seniors saying goodbye to the activities they love after four years of dedication is heartbreaking to say the least. Especially if they cannot continue with these activities after high school.  This school year is significantly more painful for seniors seeing that the majority of after school activities are either cancelled or drastically changed to keep everyone involved safe.  

A great example of change within sports can be seen in the Tuscarora Football Team.  Due to LCPS guidelines practices have been altered and games pushed back into February.  Not only is the season different, the offseason has changed greatly too.  According to senior Ryan Upp, the football team is currently meeting on the Bermuda Field as well as going to camps two days a week at Evergreen Sports Complex to retain some normalcy in preparation for the upcoming season. 

Unfortunately some aspects of football are lost this year, “Sadly us seniors have missed out on our last offseason in the weight room, which may sound like we are catching a break but the weight room is where we build team chemistry and create some of the best memories.”, stated Ryan.  However some positives have been brought to light despite all that Covid has taken away, “Covid has had a huge impact on our program this season it has brought us together more as a team and is teaching us how to deal with adversity even better than we knew before.”, Ryan exclaimed. While sports have changed drastically this year, they are not the only after school activities that have been affected.

Rehearsals for last year’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The fine arts and performing arts departments are vast and vibrant groups of artists including band, orchestra, chorus, guitar, and of course theatre.  Covid has forced these numerous programs to change how they share their craft as well as interact with each other.  

Sadly due to Covid-19 the spring musical last school year was cancelled, which was devastating to the 2020 seniors involved in the performance. Due to this Tuscarora was also not eligible for  the Cappies- a competition among highschool theatre programs.  Despite last year’s loss the theatre department is hopeful and preparing for great things this year.

“Right now the theatre department is preparing a lot of things like normal, but doing it virtually. If we get the chance to do it in person then we will transition to it, but a lot of our events like cabarets and morning classes are going very well virtually.”, stated senior Emily Giessmann excitedly.   Covid has not been able to slow down theatre despite it’s best efforts.  According to Emily plays and musicals are being set in motion, currently they are working on a virtual production called Homefront. There are also two musicals that are being planned, that will hopefully be performed virtually or socially distance in small groups.  

What goes on after school is what makes Tuscarora special; Games after schools with roaring student sections, packed auditoriums to watch the spring musical, and so much more.  While this year has definitely changed those experiences, it has opened the door to new ones that challenge everyone and make us stronger as a community. 

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