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The Impact of Covid on Mental Health on Student Health

Anna Avilova

By — Njeri Jackson

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Amiss the prominence of covid-19, mental health has been greatly impacted at this time. Now that people are mostly at home now, there are more opportunities to reflect on oneself and their health. The impacts of covid, such as social distancing, closing of schools, and being stuck at home can take a heavy toll on mental health. This article goes a bit deeper into students’ perspectives and how they were, and still are, impacted by covid. 

In a survey conducted anonymously of students at Tuscarora, ranging from Freshmen to Seniors, 75% of the students polled stated that their mental health had been negatively impacted by covid.

When it comes to school closing, most students believed it’s good that school is closed right now, but they miss the social aspect of school. One student stated “I never realized how vital that part of school was until we weren’t able to go.” Many others that took the survey said similar things, saying that they missed seeing their friends. 

Another topic that they touched on was learning in the online environment. Every student, but one that brought up education said that they disliked online school and that it was harder than compared to in-person. “I went from being one of the best students in my class to being completely lost,” one student said. Another said that “I always feel stressed” because of all the work assigned. On the other hand the person that said education is better now stated “I kind of love online school because I’m on my own pace.”

It is important at this time to take care of one’s mental health. One day life will return to the way it was, one day school will be in person. Until that day, people should tend to their mental health. Taking a peaceful walk, talking to friends, spending quality time with family, hobbies, these are all great ideas of things that can be done to help mental health during this time. Always remember mental health is just as important as physical.

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