How The Coronavirus Has Impacted Social Media

By — Danny Kistner
Photo courtesy — Engin Akyurt

This pandemic will perhaps be one of the most remarked upon events of this decade, a thing that will affect the entire planet for years to come. Economically, socially, politically, it has connected just as well as further separated people, a mandate for social distancing disallowing the most fundamental of human needs: contact. 

At the same time though, most understand this and abide by it, wearing masks or at very least social distancing themselves from others, be it while shopping or simply spending time with others. In this same sense, the internet has never been more important. There is simply no better way to communicate with others at safe distances or in the comfort of our own homes. No faster way to get the news or the latest CDC updates. No more convenient form of entertainment or means to let off some steam. Its usefulness, in every facet o our lives, has never been more apparent. 

Our usage of the internet has not changed per se, nor how we use social media, but I do believe that our perception and value of the internet and social media has. It is now less a commodity and more a necessity. More people are working at home than ever before, more students learning at home; it has essentially been confirmed that we cannot survive without internet connection in the 21st Century. However, it also confirms the decline in office culture. Long gone are the days of gray cubicles and for many, this is a good thing. Those with long commutes or motor disabilities will perhaps need to worry less about getting to work as managers realize the power of tech and the capabilities it has outside of an office building. 

The extra time also has motivated many to pick up old hobbies or spend more time with loved ones. The resources for these activities, the instrument you have always wanted to play, a card game you never knew the rules of, it’s all be ing found online, all guided from people around the world. But going on walks after dinner, deciding to learn French, planting flowers—are these not things we should always have time for? Quarantine has allowed everyone to step back a reflect and in many cases many people are realizing that life should not be this monotonous cycle of work and very little sleep. It is through the internet that we are realizing this as a whole, as entire culture and it is through this realization that great change will be made.