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Huskies on the Hunt

By — Taylor Byrne

As the sun began to set just like any other Thursday night, the blinding lights of the football field gleam to life, preparing for the first football game of the season for the Huskies.  Kickoff began minutes before 7:00pm, the stands are packed on both sides with roaring fans, electric energy was infecting everyone there. As the game began, Tuscarora fans were asked if they thought the Huskies were going to win tonight, all of them replied with an enthusiastic YES.   A sophomore said, “Definitely! Go Huskies!” A junior shared their sentiment by saying, “Heck yeah we’re going to win this game tonight.”  

As the game kicked off, the ball was received by the Broad Run offense to begin the heated match between the Huskies and the Spartans.  The ball was quickly intercepted by the Husky defense at the thirty yard line, the student section replied with thunderous shouts encouraging the team further.  Tensions were high as the Broad Run defense was called for a face mask pull, just minutes into the first quarter. Moments later the Huskies scored a touchdown, cheers erupted from the Tuscarora stands as the first points flash onto the score board, 6-0 Tuscarora.  The kick, however, was off by inches. The first quarter ended with Tuscarora’s leading 6-0.

To answer the Huskies call for a challenge, minutes into the second quarter the Spartans scored a touchdown,  rendering the score 6-6. However, a swift field goal kick, put Broad Run in the lead 7-6. As the Huskies slowly, but surely crept forward, with only 7 minutes left in the second quarter, Tuscarora was a short 9 yards from the endzone.  Shortly there after the Huskies hopes are crushed by a turnover to the Spartan offense where an epic 40 yard catch is procured by the Spartan offense. Their cheers of joy quickly turned to an uproar of boos as the catch was overturned, due to interference by Broad Run’s number 57.  Eventually the ball was back in the Huskies grips, with only 10 yards till a touchdown; but similar to Broad Run a penalty pushed them back 30 yards. As the first game of the season for the Huskies progressed it was clear this will be an epic showdown of back and forth between the two schools.  

With only 5 minutes left in the second quarter the Huskies lined up on the 30 yard line and a touchdown was run in by Ethan Gick, Tuscarora’s quarterback , the crowd was in an uproar as both sides argue whether or not interference should be called on the Huskies.  To Tuscarora’s dismay the touchdown was revoked. You can’t say both of these teams aren’t fighters, as just minutes later a touchdown was scored by the Huskies after a 30 yard pass to the endzone. Leaving the score 13-7 Huskies after making the field goal. Later on Broad Run presses on down the field to score another touchdown with only 5 seconds to spare leaving the final score of the second quarter 14-13 Broad Run.  

As the third quarter began the atmosphere quickly turned sour for the Huskies. After only being 20 seconds into the third quarter Broad scored a 70 yard touchdown, leaving the score 21-13 Broad Run.  Another blow then landed on the Tuscarora fans as a fumble by the Husky offense is recovered by the Spartans. Fortunately for Tuscarora it leads nowhere and the ball is quickly turned over to the Huskies with 9 minutes left in the third quarter.  Another batch of back and forth breaks out when the ball is yet again turned over to the Spartans with only 7 minutes left in the third quarter. Anyone could see that players of Tuscarora were trying to hold on to the small score gap, but were quickly losing steam.  But the fans and cheerleaders refused to let their energy be affected, cheering as loud as ever.  

The fourth and final quarter began with Tuscarora showing new found energy and spirit as they quickly gained ground.  With 8 minutes 47 seconds left in the game, Tuscarora is 10 yards from being back in the fight. A minute later the stands erupted as the first touchdown of the fourth quarter is scored by the Huskies, turning the score into 28-20 Broad Run.  With just under 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter the ball is turned over to Tuscarora at the 50 yard line. Tuscarora was slowly closing the gap between them and had a fighting chance at winning. The Huskies advanced further and further towards the endzone, all fans are on the edge of their seat, they just might pull this off.  Just like that with only 55 seconds left in the fourth quarter, you could hear over the loudspeaker, “Touch Down Tuscarora Huskies,” The coaches decided to go with the two point play, with hopes of tying the score and going into overtime.  A perfect pass is thrown by Gick, but just as if it were in slow motion, it is knocked down with a leaping swipe from the Broad Run defense. The hopes of a first game win were crushed, by the sound of screaming Broad Run fans, cheering coaches, and rowdy players. 

The Huskies were left with a loss by two points, 28-26 Broad Run. This is just the beginning for the huskies and many are very hopeful for an epic football season this year. Next, they will be taking on Potomac Falls on Friday, September 6th. 

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