Shopper's Delight

By: Erica Walker
Leesburg, VA: Win a trip to Santa Monica, California and a $500 spending money! Seen any ads like this over the past week (end)? Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which there are numerous amounts of discounts and sales, which last for one day (or weekend). Black Friday sales started gaining popularity in the 1970’s. The origin of the word “Black Friday” is because the day after Thanksgiving is the day that retailers are “in the black” (meaning that retailers cash flow or bank balance is positive.) rather than “in the red” (meaning retailers cash flow is below zero). 
Stores like Areopostale and Pac Sun offered 50-70% off select items, however, stores like Target and Coach were offering 20-30% off savings. Many stores offer these discounts, but a majority of the time what you went to the store to purchase isn’t on sale. Although, you buy it anyway because you really want it and that’s exactly what retailers are hoping for. Amanda Rizzoni, a manager at the Bass store in the Leesburg Outlet Mall said, “ Bass sales three weeks before Black Friday are better than Black Friday deals.” Being a smart shopper doesn’t mean standing at line at 2am for Black Friday sales.
Teenagers seem to appreciate sales at their favorite stores, especially if the item(s) we desired were awfully expensive before it went on sale. Also, discounts give people a chance to go early holiday shopping. That way, people can have their presents for their family members on Christmas before all of the sales/discounts expire.
Still wondering about the trip to California? That was an ad from Pac Sun to get you into the store on Black Friday. You had to be thirteen years old to win and a resident of the US. Go to to enter.
Have you heard of Cyber Monday? This is a spin-off of Black Friday. The difference is you can make your purchases in the comfort of your own home via Internet. Cyber Monday is gaining popularity now. Shoppers can get discounts off of the items they want to buy and free shipping. Good deal!