One Musician, One Dream: Brett Donaty, recent LCPS graduate, starts up music career with an inspiring message


By Brady Bullington

Local musician, Brett Donaty, whose stage name is Doubleside, has been gaining attention and traction for his upcoming music and seeks to inspire his growing audience. At the young age of six, Brett’s parents put him into piano lessons to give him an extracurricular activity to do in his free time.

Throughout elementary school he was in the school choir, which thus began his life-long passion and interest in singing. He was in a school choir all of his school career up until he graduated from Woodgrove High School last June. During middle school, in the seventh grade, he began to take guitar lessons, and although his passion for practicing outside of lessons lacked, his interest in music grew. Around the age of sixteen, Brett choose to take interest in piano and guitar again after focusing more on his singing where he had found that his passion was in the hip hop industry. After teaching himself to play the two instruments, he said he prefers to play piano because “I hear the beautiful music that I’m making and it helps me to forget everything by taking me to a different world.” This introduces Brett’s firm belief that music is an escape and that “anybody who says it isn’t, is wrong,” because of how hearing and playing music has made him feel joy and happiness his whole life.

“I am able to tell the audiences my life story and how music has been apart of my whole life.”

Being inspired to pursue a career or lifestyle can sometimes be difficult for people to do, but Brett has found a way to stay motivated and at the same time, find a way to write inspiring lyrics for his audience. With his new, upcoming mixtape that he plans on releasing through SoundCloud in April, he hopes to share who he is, what he has been through and what he wants to do and who he is hoping to be. This will set the base for future music of his to come. He will have a total of seven songs on the forthcoming mixtape, named Doublesided, based off of his stage name, Doubleside.
The stage name comes from one night when Brett was fidgeting with cards one day, a king and ace of hearts, and saw there were two different sides to the cards he was holding. He took a deeper meaning to it and said that “one side of the cards shows a ‘king’ at work, and the other side represents the side people don’t see about my life and I keep hidden but later on open up and express myself to my fans and build a relationship with them.” The song he is most eager and looking forward to releasing with the mixtape is a track titled “Believe in Me”. He stated that the message of the song is about his hard times and people that haven’t been there for him the way he’s needed, so he has now realized that he needs to believe in himself.

“It was good, although I’m not a fan of rap music,” said freshman Sarah Bourloukas in response to listening to a section of the single.

He did provide insight that a full album will be released next year once he raises enough money to promote and produce it

As far as education is concerned, Brett has been attending NOVA this school year and this August is moving down to Winter Park, Florida to attend Full Sail University. A school that focuses on the arts of music, writing, entertainment and that suits Brett’s needs perfectly.

“I chose Full Sail because it has what I want to truly do with my life and provides so many opportunities for me, not to mention how Florida is great for the hip hop industry.”
He plans to receive his Music Production Bachelors Degree to help him become a well known rapper. He will produce music along with setting up his own record label, no matter what happens with the rapping career. Some 2018 goals of Brett’s are to get his Instagram follower count up, release 2 mixtapes, a possible music video release, and achieve a total of 1,000,000 streams through Apple Music, SoundCloud (which is where he originally started to post music), and Spotify. As far as some of his life long goals, he plans on going on tour with his music, starting his own record label, have fun doing what he loves, and give back to the loyal fans he’ll soon have.

“I couldn’t be any happier if I know I made a difference and got my message that we aren’t alone and need to come together to respect one another out there in the world,” Brett said in response to what he’d like to see be accomplished by the end of his career.