Letter from the Staff: Why should you join a club?

By the Husky Headline

As students, it’s easy to get sucked into the vigor and craziness of academics. With AP and honor level classes, homework, projects, tests and quizzes along with sports after school, thinking about fitting in another extracurricular seems easy as fitting another binder into your already stuffed backpack. Unfortunately for most students with a packed schedule, choosing extracurriculars requires less and less criteria, one being college applications.

Clubs provided here are too often portrayed as just another item to your list of activities or another cord to add on for graduation. But why should you actually get involved? What is the real point of joining a club or organization at school?

For one, you could find something that you are passionate about. Unless you want to be a lab scientist, mathematician, or historian, chances are you probably aren’t going to find your dream career path by just taking required classes for graduation. Joining a club like DECA could ignite a passion in business and marketing, while Model UN could spark an interest in world relations and politics. Getting involved could give you the possibility to find what you want to do later in life.
And if not a career, clubs can be a very positive environment for you to make friends and just have fun. Students have fun, lower stress options like the Coloring Club, the Dance Team and the Board Game Club. Investing time in these clubs can just be a fun, relaxing time for you to hang out with friends. Many clubs also have field trips throughout the year, which can be a fun way to get out of school (while still learning of course).
Most of all, getting involved in clubs help you make connections with students and teachers that will help you along your high school years. You’ll get the opportunity to meet teachers you’ve never met before, who can help you with schoolwork and someday even write your recommendation letters for college. Joining a club just for the college recognition will leave you thinking you wasted your time, whereas joining it for yourself will give you the opportunity to leave an impact on Tuscarora, while still gaining the experience for life after high school.