Bundles of Baby Supplies: FCCLA holds a drive for teenage moms and their newborns


By: Brady Bullington

In the beginning of the school year, donations were taken in by the SCA to send to families that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. After Principal Pamela Croft chatted with Ms. Sommer Crawford about doing a drive for hurricane relief, Crawford and the SCA got right to work on getting the word out about donations. By the end they collected 100+ boxes and a SCA classroom was filled with the items for the drive.

Now, nearly two months later, the FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) club held a donation for teenage moms who can’t afford to purchase supplies for them and their babies. They collected supplies which included baby clothes, formula, diapers, blankets, and much more.
“It [the drive as a whole] went well but could have been better if more people had donated,” said the leader of the FCCLA, junior Angelica Carabantes.
The club spread the word about the drive starting in the beginning of November and went until the 15th of the month. They put up posters around the building, asked teachers to inform students, and the members simply asked peers to lend a helping hand. FCCLA Club, as a whole, is run by each and every one of their members equally and there is no one person in charge besides the sponsor, Mrs. Beth Hall.
“We recieved about ten large boxes of donations with baby supplies,” said Hall when asked about how many donations were taken in.
One lesson learned by not only the club but, as a school is that we need to donate more and lend a helping hand to those in need.
“Our community is one that needs more people to take action and not just let others do the work,” said junior Lucy Blue.
At the end of each and every single day we are blessed to have our basic needs of clothes and food. With the rising rate of teenage pregnancies and births, these mothers needs to fulfill the needs of their newborns. Donations by other programs alike have helped a diverse amount of people. FCCLA meets every fifth block flex which is about one time a month, and their meetings teach you to learn more about how to give back to others and our local community.