Letter from the Staff: Praise for the Theatre Department


By: The Husky Headline

When thinking about extracurriculars to take here, it is easy to immediately think of sports, but there are countless other programs to get involved with, a popular one being the drama department.

Their mission statement speaks for itself: “The Tuscarora Theatre Department provides every student with a fun theatrical experience that prepares them for the post-secondary world.” From the Sound of Music to Midsummer Night’s Dream, the theatre department always brings something exciting to the table. Even though we only get see a two hour production on stage, over a hundred hours of preparation are spent to produce what we see on stage.
Just for the actors and actresses alone, plenty of late nights and early mornings are spent rehearsing to perfect their character. On top of that, students not acting in the production can volunteer their time to design costumes, apply makeup to the cast (which in the case of 12 Angry Men, was a lot) and run the lighting that adds to the show. Even further, students can spend their time working backstage, moving sets and making sure that everything runs smoothly onstage.
Just like athletes who spend hours making sure they are ready to play, students of the drama department volunteer the same amount of time perfecting each production. As a school it is important to be thankful for such a well rounded selection of extracurriculars, each excelling at what it sets out to do.
For more information on the theatre department’s works of this year, go http://www.sitstaywatch.org/