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He’s Brawns, He’s Brains…He’s Mr. Tuscarora: Meet the contestants and preview the fifth annual male pageant competition


By: Maria Schense

A showcase of their dream jobs, talents, Q&As, and a group dance. These four categories are what separate a dozen of students including a freshman, juniors, and seniors who compete in the annual Mr. Tuscarora pageant.

  The event was originally scheduled for January 11th, but moved to January 25th because of three continuous snow days. The students have been practicing every FLEX and will showcase their performance in the auditorium.

  The event will feature 10 contestants: seniors Brandon Meyer, Evin Tunador, Max Gohn, Parker Bednoski, Garrett Kaplan and Tyler Kijak, juniors Sully Carr, Brecan Saul, Cole Francisco, and freshman John Pearsall.

    Last year, senior Tucker Stuntz, pulled away from the group of guys to win the competition.  This year, contestants are looking to follow in his footsteps and claim first place.

  “I think the big differentiators [from the other contestants] come in the form of my unparalleled wit, my good looks, and my humility,” said Tunador.

  Although the categories are the same as last year, one aspect separates this competition from past years. Previously, the competition was only open to juniors and seniors, but because of a shortage of contestants the event was opened up to freshmen and sophomore competitors as well. This allowed for wild card, Pearsall, to enter the field. ‘I joined Mr. Tuscarora to try something new and have some fun with it,” said Pearsall.

  Although the guys compete in many head-to-head events, all the contestants come back together in the group dance. The dance features all the guys’ best moves, with upbeat choreography and a fun song.

  “The choreographers [Lexi Morton and Emma Atkinson]…were chosen by simply reaching out to upperclassmen dancers, who are very excited to be a part of Mr.Tuscarora,” said Nimra Tariq, SCA president.

   Mr. Tuscarora, along with many other events throughout the school year, are run by the Student Council, or the SCA. Together, they will be “coordinating the entire event” and they have been “planning this for a while and [their] hard work is about to pay off,” said Tariq.

  Along with most events run by the SCA, the event will be used to benefit a charity or to donate to an organization. This year, the cost of admission is three canned goods or $4. They will be donating all of the canned goods to a local food drive, and plan to donate the money to a local charity as well.

  If you are interested in giving back to your community, or attending an all-around popular event, go to Mr. Tuscarora on January 25th in the school auditorium, beginning at 7pm!


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