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Huskies at Roots


By Becker Kauffman

Everyone is always looking for a place to eat, and many have found the answer to be Roots 657. Roots 657 continues to be one of Loudoun’s most up and coming places to eat, describing itself on its own website as “ROOTS 657 is Chef Rich Rosendale’s eat-in and take-out café and market located in Leesburg, Virginia, at the intersection of Routes 657 and 15. The cafe and locally-inspired market offer the chef’s regionally curated products, featuring local artisans alongside our own house-made soups, salads, sandwiches and fresh-baked goods.” I sat down and interviewed two of THS’s students who work there, sophomores Marcos Chacon and Komil Chag.

How long have you been working at Roots?

Marcos: We have both been working here ever since it first opened.

Komil: Yeah, we ended up becoming friends because of it. We were the only Tusky kids there, and we were both looking for someone to talk to.

What’s the best part about working there?

Marcos: It’s a really cool location to work at, and I love waiting. The food is really good, and it’s nice to have a discount.

Komil: Probably the people. I have become very close with a lot of the people that work there, and I even know a few people that come in all the time.

What do you think of the food?

Marcos: It’s amazing. It tastes like real premiere food at such an easy location and cheap price.

Komil: Chef Rosendale does an amazing job at incorporating local foods, and the result is awesome. The food there is some of the best i have ever had, and it’s nice to have easy access at it.

How often do you recognize kids from THS in the restaurant?

Marcos: Yes all the time, it seems to be one of the most popular places for tusky kids to eat, especially those that live in lucketts.

Komil: Yeah i agree, I am always seeing familiar faces in there, there always seems to be at least one husky in there.

Finally, what is your favorite and least food item at Roots?

Marcos: My favorite would definitely be the Roots Cheeseburger, it’s just amazing! My least favorite i would have to say is the Mac and Cheese, i’m just not really a fan.

Komil: I agree with Marcos over the Mac and Cheese, it’s just not really for me. However my favorite item would probably be the Chickpea sandwich, I love it.

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