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Clubs Uncovered: Coloring Club


By Anya Sczerzenie

Early on Wednesday mornings, when the school is still hushed, the Career Center hums with music and the quiet scratching of crayons and colored pencils. It’s the home of the Coloring Club, a fairly new club at Tuscarora.

The Coloring Club was founded last school year by the guidance department. It is held at 8 A.M. every Wednesday, so that students can use it as a time to de-stress before classes.

“Kids can just utilize it as down time before school,” said Mrs. Amado, a member of the counseling department and one of the club’s sponsors. “They can sit down, color a picture, and just start the day in a calm and creative mood.”

“You sit there, color, listen to music,” said Amado’s daughter, sophomore Annabelle Amado. “It’s calmed me down many times.”

Although coloring books are traditionally meant for young kids, adult coloring has seen a rise in popularity lately; with coloring books featuring quotes, natural scenes, and intricate designs sold in many stores.  Adult coloring is often advertised as a relaxation technique, which is what the Coloring Club strives to use it for. “A lot of people say it’s good to color, or do anything art-related, to relieve stress,” said senior Callista Groves, an occasional club attendee.

As the Coloring Club has few members and is more casual than many other clubs, students generally drop in whenever they’re able to. It doesn’t require that students bring their own coloring materials– the counseling department provides the books along with themed print-out pages, colored pencils, and crayons. Occasionally they provide breakfast, such as donuts, for club attendees. “I’ve [also] been known to bake some muffins,” said Mrs. Amado.


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