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HoCo: Were you a must-show or a no-go?

By Alyanna Torres

Homecoming is a tradition that all generations have attended. Every grade has different views on the quality of the dance and whether or not to attend. Many find it stressful to find the perfect date, the perfect dress, and give the perfect “homecoming proposal.” The dance was early this year as well, making it difficult to prepare for the big night in time.

Some students ended up choosing not to attend. “I didn’t want to go because I didn’t have time to find a dress and I didn’t feel like spending extra money on a ticket or going out to a fancy dinner. However, I am looking forward to attending prom because my brother had a fun experience,” said freshman Alyssa Austin.

On the other side of the spectrum are people who thoroughly enjoy attending homecoming and like to get involved with it. “I helped decorate the hallways and knew it was going to be fun because I went last year and had a great time,” said junior Nathalie Cruz.  “If more people contributed to decorating the halls and getting involved, I’m sure it would increase the amount of students at the event.” Others just like to go and have fun with friends. Sophomore Holland Saxon attended the previous year and expected this year to be even better. “My friends were going and the theme of seasons was a really great idea. I always have fun at homecoming and I think everyone should attend at least once,” said Saxon.

As for seniors, many feel like it’s one of their first “lasts” and want to do it all this year. “It’s my senior year and last opportunity to go, so why not go and have fun with my friends?” said senior Sara Forbes. “I expected there to be good music and wanted to just have a great time with my friends.” Another senior, Layne Hubble, didn’t stress about the dance at all. “I didn’t find a dress in time, so I wore my toga that everyone complimented me on the day before. I figured it was my last year and I wanted to be unique. I was really happy when Mrs. Croft herself complimented my dress,” said Hubble. Many seniors made it their goal to have a great last homecoming.

The popularity, attendance, and excitement differs with each student.  Everyone has unique perspectives on the dance and the personal meaning and level of importance of homecoming.


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