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Hone Your Musical Skills through Charity with Tri-M

By: Jordan Ogden

One of the many benefits of going to Tuscarora is wide assortment of clubs or societies available for students to choose from. There is literally something for everyone, with clubs and organizations ranging from ping pong to comic books to the National Honor Society. But, for the music enthusiasts, there’s Tri-M.

Tri-M stands for Modern Music Masters (three M’s, get it?) and it sums up what this organization is all about. It’s a national honor society, with about 6,200 schools participating worldwide, focused on the musical side of the student body, by giving them an opportunity to use music as an opportunity for charity. The society’s most recent act of charity occurred on the 7th and 21st of February, when the Tri-M played at the Heritage Hall Nursing home during the residents’ meal time.

Tri-M’s president, senior Emmel El-Fiky, said that in order to join the society, “Teachers may recommend students to apply if they feel those students are exemplary musicians and would be fit to join a musical honor society.” If one does wish to join, they must first be enrolled in a music course and they must be a pretty proficient musician. Like the National Honor Society’s emphasis on good grades, Modern Music Masters also requires students to keep up an A average in their music classes and a C average in all other enrolled classes. Also, one must either play a musical piece at their induction or submit an essay relating to a musical topic.

Tri-M is a great opportunity to not only expand musically, but also to work on leadership skills. “There are a lot of leadership opportunities, because for each event or fundraiser, general members can take the lead,” explained El-Fiky. Some potential future events that the Tri-M may be hosting include a bake sale, a movie day in the auditorium, and possibly even a Battle of the Bands competition in the spring.  “Officers are really there to oversee it all, and we encourage the general members to get as involved as possible,” said El-fiky. So even if a member isn’t an officer or president, there is still equal opportunity to head projects and take on a leading role in the society.

Other benefits of being involved in Tri-M include things like receiving a cord for your high school graduation, the opportunity to mention your involvement on college applications and resumes, and the bonus of being in a group of fellow musicians who are equally as dedicated to music as they are to music-related charity work. Tri-M’s impressive amount of benefits only support the fact that this great society is not only good for you, but also for others affected by the charity work or the music played. If interested, go for it! The advantages of being a member totally outweigh the challenges of getting in. As El-Fiky put it, “Most people who decide to join Tri-M have a genuine love for music, and being in this honor society opens up many possible ways to spread music throughout our school and our community, which is our ultimate goal.”


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