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OPINION: An Open Letter to the Senior Class

By Meilan Solly

It’s April, and the senior class has been overtaken by apathy. This is to be expected, as most seniors’ thoughts have turned to college and the future, but it is also something which can be avoided.

As brought to my attention by a lively class discussion, the class of 2014 has a strong sense of duty to Tuscarora. We are the first four-year class; we have seen the school through everything from our eighth grade expo at Smarts Mill to more recent victories like a record-breaking football season. The class of 2014 holds some of the most influential students in Tuscarora history – those who have been deeply invested in the school since before it was built, and those who have built their programs/clubs/teams from quite literally nothing to award winners. The class of 2014 has much to be proud of, but its work is not over yet.

As seniors, even without the added pressure of being the first four-year class, it is our job to set an example for the rest of the school. That means showing support for every incredible group at Tuscarora, not just those which are the most popular. Obviously you don’t need to attend every event held at the school, but attending a few and asking your friends to come too doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Take the twice cancelled Neon Night as a prime example of not just the seniors’, but the student body’s, apathy. It is one thing for a dance to be cancelled a single time; if a dance is cancelled, rescheduled, and cancelled again, that’s pitiful. Look at events like U-NITE and Silence, too. Many students attended these activities because they were interested in the topics and wanted to support their classmates, but many others attended because they received extra credit for doing so. It is clear that Tuscarora does not suffer from a lack of interest in maintaining high grades, so why can’t this same vested interest translate to school spirit? People often complain about the lack of support and spirit at our school, but isn’t complaining just as useless as showing zero enthusiasm?

And here is where it all comes back to the class of 2014. In two months, we will be gone, on to college and the indomitable future. It’s easy to think that we no longer owe anything to Tuscarora, but you have to ask yourself one essential question: Have you contributed everything you could to make Tuscarora better than you left it? If not, you still have time. Go to a softball game, a Battle of the Books competition, or even prom – anything that shows you are still dedicated to Tuscarora and grateful for the memories it has given you over the past four years.

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