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Separated by Schools: A Different Type of Love Story

By Brianna Meeks

If it weren’t for the snow, two Fridays ago would have been spent witnessing people receive roses, candy, a note, and a song. Every year on Valentine’s Day, students at Tuscarora are given the opportunity to buy these little gifts for a “special someone” at the school, whether they be a significant other or a crush. But for the students dating people outside of Tuscarora, this simple gesture of affection is more difficult to come by.

Junior Will Gonzalez is dating Rose Ramey from Loudoun County High School. “It’s not that big of a deal that we go to different schools,” he said. “County and Tuscarora are really close to each other. She only lives twenty minutes away from me.”

Even if the weather permitted, Gonzalez wouldn’t be able to send a candygram to Ramey, sharing, “I don’t have the opportunity to do it here, but if I could, I would.”

In today’s world, people are becoming more and more connected to individuals they wouldn’t normally interact with. Programs like the Academy of Science and Monroe Technology Center bring students from all reaches of the county together every other day. Students also participate in many extracurricular activities, like dance, sports, and youth groups, meeting people beyond the confines of their home and schools. And with social media, it is easier than ever to stay in contact with these people by sending them a Facebook friend request or by following them on Twitter.

The Chicago Tribune offers dueling editorials on the subject of dating inside or outside of schools. For these types of relationships with Gonzalez is Sirrah Joof , who states that distance does not present a huge issue and that it indeed makes the heart grow fonder, all while providing a more private, less dramatized relationship. On the opposite side of the issue, Lee Pikelny argues that distance, even a small one, can make it harder for both partners to relate to each other or be available for each other. Ultimately, both individuals in the relationship must both weigh the pros and cons of this issue when considering this type of relationship.

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