Would you Rather: Students Share Their Thoughts on Christmas

Infographic by Meilan Solly

Infographic by Meilan Solly

By Madeline Swank

Infographic by Meilan Solly
Infographic by Meilan Solly

Would you rather have a fake Christmas tree or a real one?

The focal point of the Christmas holiday is no doubt the Christmas tree. Do families go through the hard work of getting a real tree, or do they keep things simple and use a fake tree? According to the students at Tuscarora, 60% of the 30 surveyed would choose a real tree as opposed to a fake one. The remaining 30% prefer fake trees.

Would you rather open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

The main excitement on Christmas Eve is always the gifts under the tree for the next morning. Although most people open presents on Christmas morning, some open a few on Christmas Eve. 97% of students surveyed open presents on Christmas Day, but 3% open presents on Christmas Eve.

Would you rather wake up early Christmas morning or sleep in?

As teenagers, we tend to take every opportunity we get to sleep in, but when it comes to Christmas morning, will we sleep in for those much needed extra hours or give in to our anticipation and get up early to open presents? The majority of the students surveyed, 67%, said they would rather get up early than sleep in. 33% of students choose to sleep in on Christmas morning.

Would you rather receive a few large gifts or several small gifts?

The mystery of what will appear under the tree causes the most anticipation over the holidays. Although requests are made, it is never known for sure what gifts are to come. If there was a choice, would people want a few large gifts or several small gifts? 63% of the students surveyed would choose a few large gifts instead of several small gifts (37%).