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Tuscarora Celebrates with Holiday Traditions

By Megan Cohen

December is a time of celebration. Whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, or just preparing for a new year, everyone has something to look forward to this month. While everyone may not be celebrating the same holidays this season, there is one commonality: Traditions.

Even without realizing it, many follow a certain pattern for each holiday. Sometimes the tradition doesn’t even hold much significance in regard to religion or family history, as it is just something that has simply stuck. “On Christmas Eve, my family and I go to P.F. Chang’s or some other restaurant,” says Sean King, a freshman.

But while tradition may not be a vital part of celebrating a holiday, to some students it can have a certain importance. Sophomore Chaz Buskirk, for example, values a certain Christmas tradition. “My family and I watch the movie Nativity on Christmas Eve,” he shares. While something as simple as watching a movie may seem insignificant, Buskirk explains, “It helps us remember the true meaning of Christmas.”

Senior Erica Walker and her family have also been following a tradition that involves religion, saying, “We all get one present that we can open on Christmas Eve, and then we usually go down to the church in downtown Leesburg and attend a service there.”

Obviously, not everyone affiliates themselves with a religion. Some prefer instead to just spend the holidays enjoying the company of their family. Collin Oliver, a sophomore, participates in traditions that integrate his family’s interests. “Every Christmas Eve, we go fishing at my uncle’s house, and we eat for dinner whatever we caught,” he says.

An article from WAHM, an online family magazine, explains the importance of family traditions, stating that, “Despite the assaults of modern times, the family is at the very core and foundation of society.” Even when relationships within the family may be strained, the holidays can be a great time to reconnect.

Sophomore Megan Vu values family traditions in her family, remarking, “They’re important times for the family to celebrate things together. In my family, we try and get together at least once a year to just be a family.”

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