Would you rather…Students share their opinions on Halloween!

1.  Would you rather pass out candy on Halloween or go trick-or-treating?

When we were children, Halloween was always about the costumes and the candy. As we have gotten older, how has the meaning of Halloween changed? Do we want to take on the soul-sucking job of handing out candy to sugar-crazed youngsters, or is that true trick-or-treating spirit still in our blood? 60% of the 30 students polled still have that child inside of them waiting for the night when they can fill their pillowcases full of candy and proudly compare their loot to other candy hoarders. 40% of students, however, said that they would rather pass out candy as opposed to trick-or-treating.

2. Would you rather go to a haunted house or haunted forest?

The question of who can scare better has gotten serious the past several years, with Halloween options ranging from the original haunted house to a simulation that replicates what it would feel like to be buried alive. The two major rivals are the haunted forest or the haunted house. The majority of the students surveyed (67%) say that they would rather have the living daylights scared out of them in a haunted house rather than a haunted forest.  The rest of the 33% beg to differ.

“[I would prefer a] haunted forest because then if I got really scared I could just run away,” said sophomore Sara Forbes. In a haunted house, there is no escape — you are stuck going through the rest of the tour with your sense of security gone. Although haunted houses may be the more favored choice throughout the student population, the ghosts and demons will still scare you wherever you go.

3. Would you rather scare others or have others scare you?

Halloween, as the holiday dedicated to the dead, is meant to make you creep and crawl, but who’s to say that you have to be the one who gets spooked? About 80% of students say that they would rather scare others than have others scare them. This may seem like the obvious choice – who could pass up the opportunity to dump water on the mean kids next door? However, 20% of students polled did say that they would rather have people scare them.

4. Would you rather go to Fright Night or Shocktober?

Finally, the rivalry we’ve all been waiting for…Shocktober or Fright Night? Shocktober is known for its haunted manor, well of souls, fun house, and “last ride,” while Fright Night is known for its haunted trails through the forest behind the Ashburn Community Church. Drum roll please…54% of students would rather go to Fright Night than Shocktober! Although Fright Night is more popular in this situation, Shocktober did get the vote from 46% of the student population. It was a close call, and it’s hard to tell which one is actually better because they are two completely different types of haunted grounds. The student population can determine which destination is the favorite, but as to who has the better scare…you will have to be the judge of that.

*out of 30 students surveyed*