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NFL Week 8 Overreaction


By Michael Nerantzis

Believe it or not, the NFL regular season is already halfway over. Peyton Manning and the Broncos stole the show for the first several weeks; however, the Andrew Luck-led Indianapolis Colts have started to come on strong at the season’s midpoint.  With victories over San Francisco, Denver, and Seattle, the Colts have moved themselves to the top of the AFC power rankings (chill out Chiefs fans, you’ve had an incredibly easy schedule).  Through all of this, the biggest story going into the 9th week is how the traditional league powers are not so dominant anymore.

Not so hot.  What is happening to the Patriots, Steelers, and Giants this season?  Since the year 2000, these teams combined have won more Super Bowls than the rest of the NFL combined.  In the Patriots’ case, their star quarterback Tom Brady does not have the premier talent surrounding him like he has had in the past.  In the last five years, Brady has lost All-Pro talent pass catchers Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, and Chad Ochocinco, all of  whom made a combined 288 touchdowns in their careers.

The Steelers are in the same position as the Patriots, with a lack of talent in skill positions and nagging injuries to their linemen.  Although the Patriots do have a mediocre team compared to years past, they still have a 6-2 record and the best tight end in the league, Rob Gronkowski.  Depending on how well Gronkowski can return to form after his arm/back surgeries, I see the Patriots bailing out in the first round of the playoffs in a loaded AFC.  The Steelers and Giants have no chance of making the 2013 postseason.


Washington vs. San Diego

Pittsburgh @ New England

Dallas vs. Minnesota

Indianapolis @ Houston

Chicago @ Green Bay


NFC East: Redskins

NFC South: Saints

NFC North: Packers

NFC West: 49ers

Wildcard 1: Seahawks

Wildcard 2: Lions


AFC East: Patriots

AFC South: Colts

AFC North: Bengals

AFC West: Broncos

Wildcard 1: Chiefs

Wildcard 2: Jets

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