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Top 5 Things to Do for UNDER $5

By Sharon Shatananda

1. First Friday in Downtown Leesburg

The first Friday of every month: 9 p.m. or later throughout Downtown Leesburg

On the First Friday of every month, Downtown Leesburg opens up for the night. People stroll around slowly, and live music fills the air. But most importantly, First Friday has a lot of free food.

Much like the window of time at Costco; dozens of small shops lure customers in that way. The samples are mostly bite-sized, but that makes it easier to try something new.

Downtown is always looking to surprise you.. You could pop into the pet-themed boutique The Reign of Cats and Dogs or be bold enough to try bacon-flavored ice cream at Shoes Cup and Cork.

Either way, you’re sure to have a good time, and you won’t spend more than $5.

2. King Pinz: Friday Cosmic Bowl High School Special- $5

Every Friday, 6 p.m.-midnight: student ID required, $5 plus shoes

Bowling is a quintessential American pastime, as American as baseball, apple pie, and the iPhone.

But teenagers are faced with a harsh reality: bowling can be expensive! Luckily, there is someone out there advocating for us.

On Fridays, teenagers have the opportunity to bowl at an otherwise expensive bowling alley for only $5. You’ll have to come prepared with your student ID to prove that you are in fact a student. Other than that, you are open to a whopping 6 hours of bowling time!

3. Shocktober: Haunted Well of Souls

$5 admission good from 7-10 p.m. For more information visit the Shocktober website

Here you have an opportunity to be scared to the verge of tears, and have nightmares for a few nights in the bargain. I’d say go for it.

Admittedly, I personally am not a huge fan of gore or hanging out with haunted souls. But I can see the appeal, which can be compared to the adrenaline rush from skydiving or riding a rollercoaster.

If you fall into the category of without-a-job-and therefore-broke, or are simply looking for somewhere to unleash a blood-curdling scream, I suggest the haunted well of souls.

4. Halloween Parade

Thursday, October 31st, 6-8pm starting at Ida Lee and ending at Catoctin Circle. “Admission” is free.

At this parade, you are sure to find bloody zombies, Cinderellas, and maybe even a few giant bananas.

The grand tradition of Halloween accumulating many pounds of candy by the end of the night. In honor of that, the Halloween Parade  lots of candy for all ages, not just your little siblings.

As always, parades are completely free to public. Just make sure to show up in costume.

5. THS Shenanigans

If you’ve never attended a Shenanigans performance, you have been deprived of tons of laughs.

The hilarity of Shenanigans is tough to describe. The show is different with every performance, but each time the members impress with their God-given, improvisational, comedic genius . So genius, in fact, that Shenanigans cast members hysterically impersonate grandmothers, and confused people of all kinds .

There’s usually only a week notice before each show. But that hardly matters, because each performance is free and hilarious.

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