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Top 10 Childhood TV Shows


By Meilan Solly

avatar10. Avatar: The Last Airbender

10 word summary: Aang masters the four elements and defeats the Fire Nation.

Fun fact: Originally, the Fire Lord was supposed to be the primary antagonist of the show. However, the creators developed Zuko instead after realizing the Fire Lord would be too busy ruling his people to actively pursue Aang.

Where you can watch it today: Nicktoons

ned9. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

10 word summary: Ned gives viewers tips on how to survive middle school.

Fun fact: Producers considered having a fourth season focusing on Ned’s adventures in high school but eventually chose not to.

Where you can watch it today: Amazon Instant Video, iTunes

drake8. Drake and Josh

10 word summary: Polar-opposite teens become step-brothers and eventually best friends.

Fun fact: Drake Bell made a cameo appearance as Drake Nichols in Miranda Cosgrove’s show iCarly.

Where you can watch it today: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes


7. That’s So Raven

Where you can watch it today: iTunesFun fact:That’s So Raven was the longest-running TV show in Disney Channel history until its record was surpassed by Wizards of Waverly Place. It was also the first Disney Channel show to reach 100 episodes.10 word summary: Raven has visions of the future that result in crazy situations.

phil6. Phil of the Future

10 word summary: Phil, a time traveler from 2121, gets stuck in 2004.

Fun fact: Phil’s high school is named H.G. Wells High School after the author of The Time Machine.

Where you can watch it today: YouTube

5. Wizards of Waverly Placewizards

10 word summary: A family of wizards tries to stay incognito in NYC.

Fun fact: Joe Jonas auditioned for the role of Justin Russo.

Where you can watch it today: Netflix, Disney Channel, Disney XD

hannah4. Hannah Montana

10 word summary: Miley lives a double life as pop star/ regular teen.

Fun fact: Mitchel Musso wore his hair long enough to cover his earrings during filming.

Where you can watch it today: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Xfinity

3. Lizzie McGuirelizzie

10 word summary: Lizzie attempts to navigate through crushes, school, and drama queens.

Fun fact: Before Hilary Duff was cast as Lizzie, Sara Paxton (Aquamarine) was considered for the role.

Where you can watch it today: iTunes, YouTube

full2. Full House

10 word summary: Danny raises his daughters with help from his best friends.

Fun fact: Producers originally didn’t want viewers to know Michelle was played by twins, so Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen were credited together as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen.

Where you can watch it today: Nickelodeon, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes

1. The Suite Life of Zack and Codysuite

10 word summary: Identical twins wreak havoc at the hotel where they reside.

Fun fact: London Tipton is supposed to represent Paris Hilton.

Where you can watch it today: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Xfinity, Disney XD

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