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Honoring World Languages

By Katie Forcade

On March 20th, 2013, Tuscarora’s National Honors Society celebrated its 2nd induction of new members to the foreign language society. Five languages had new members to induct into their society to honor their language.
“To me, the National Honors Society is taking foreign language and what we learn to a whole new level,” says sophomore German NHS member Helen Fortman.

The American Sign Language Honor Society inducted six members during the celebration. They each lit a candle and signed their way into the society with teacher Kriston Lizor-Granda there.

The French Honor Society (otherwise known as La Société Honoraire de Français) inducted forty members into their society. They celebrated by lighting their own candles and sharing their flame with the person next to them. They then recited  “L’homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux,” which means “The man who knows two languages is worth two men.”

The real head-turner was how the German National Honor Society celebrated their induction.

The eight students chosen stood on the stage and were given certificates and little candles. Next, the German teacher Frau Toth handed each of the students a real, legitimately edible soft pretzel on a lanyard as a “medal.” Audience members reacted to the “medals” in various forms of laughter and confusion. “For the German language, you are inducted if you get all A’s for a semester. NHS helps me become further involved in the German society,” says Fortman.

Inducting eight people, the Latin NHS society recited lines in Latin then received certificates. The Latin NHS calls itself the National Junior Classical League Latina Societas Honoris.

The Spanish National Honors Society inducted thirty-six members. They too recited sayings in the language they’ve spent time learning (Spanish, of course.). They even recited the Spanish equivalent of the French saying “The man who knows two languages knows two men.”

“In order to be inducted, you have to take it for 3 years, keep all A’s in the class, and promise to take the language all the way to the end,” says sophomore Kimberly Daliagon, a Spanish NHS member.

After the ceremony, the newly inducted students went to the library to sign a pledge and enjoy some yummy treats. All in all, it was a good night for the students. Tuscarora should be proud.

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