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Seniors vs. Faculty: No One Got Hurt?!


By: Shalom Montero

On the morning of March 4th, students could still hear some teachers selling tickets for the senior/faculty basketball game. Those that bought tickets got the chance to watch teachers and students make their mark in the game. Teachers kept the lead throughout the game, but as time went on it was clear that the goal was not to win, but more about watching the rivalry between the seniors and faculty. The faculty team included well-known faculty members such as Mr. Newkirk, Ms. Smith, Ms. Zoldak-Lane, and Mr. Martin, while the students’ team consisted of Justin Aird, Ashley Jones, Ian Anderson, Jack Coates, and others. Although the faculty ultimately won the game, the seniors took the loss well, leaving the gymnasium with many memories.

The administration must not have counted on so many students coming to see the game, as the other side of the bleachers had to be brought out to accommodate the overpopulated crowd getting ready for the game. The students and the teachers took practice shots before the game started, and you could feel the excitement associated with seeing teachers and the seniors pitted against each other. Some even noted Mr.McNutt’s headstand as they got pumped up to play. The teachers immediately gained control of the ball and got down to business. “It’s fun any time we get to play against our seniors,” said administrator Mr. Martin. Junior Megha Kakaraparti was impressed with the teachers’ basketball skills. “I was surprised that some of them knew [how to play]. Ms. Lane was really good!” At these FLEX Games, unlike last year, there were no injuries to any of the faculty or students. There was however, a lot of falling as the teachers and the students fought for the ball. Students in the stands watched eagerly as they ran back and forth trying to get their team one last point before the time ran out. Students were also given a surprise when, during half time, a few female teachers danced to current pop songs.

As the quarters passed and half-time came, the female teachers of Tuscarora gave an outstanding performance. At that moment, the gym was the place to be as the teachers danced to a mix CD of all types of songs, entertaining the audience and making the FLEX Games all the more memorable. Students were impressed as they spoke about them. “Mrs. Cupps did great!” said Kakaraparti. Some students knew about the performance ahead of time, as the teachers put in a lot of work and dedication to their performance. Ms. Brookes spoke about the “wonderful experience” of “working with staff that I did not get to see [on a daily basis]… [I made] friends in the process.”

Overall, the game was fun for those involved, and a success in terms of fundraising. It would come as no surprise to find Tuscarora planning another senior/faculty basketball game next year.

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