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Sharing your Design with Threadless

By: Megan Cohen
Aspiring graphic designers now have an opportunity to really explore their future in the field. At an online store called Threadless, not only can you purchase clothing, décor, accessories, etc., you can create a design for them, too.

You start with a design. It can be for T-shirts, hoodies, wall art, even a phone case. After placing the design on a template, you submit it to Threadless and find out in a few days if it’s been accepted or not. If so, your design is uploaded onto the site, available for others to see. For exactly seven days, your design will be rated from 1 to 5 by the Threadless community, amongst hundreds of others. If your design is rated at an average of 3 or above, production will begin, but not before you receive $2,000 in cash and $500 in Threadless gift cards that can be exchanged for $200 in cash. Every time your design is reprinted, you earn $500.

However, Threadless is a great site for anyone who is just looking for unique, original clothing. And neither designer nor shopper will feel limited, as the list of things available for purchase and design include clothing, towels, backpacks, even umbrellas. So whether you want to get your design out there or shop from a place that you can’t find in the common mall, go to Everybody wins in the end.

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