Swimming Season Starts

 By: Michael Nerantzis
On December third, the Tuscarora swim team will have its first meet in school histroy. It will be at Ida Lee Recreation center and will start at 9:00. The coach for the inaugural season is Coach Dunn. She has served as a summer league coach and has quite a bit of experience.
Swimming is portrayed as a soft sport but that is not always true. Even though there is no physical contact, it takes determination and painful endurance. “Swimming requires physical strength and mental toughness.” Says Jessica Fondaco. In swimming, the swimmers are tested on how much they can tolerate during practice.
   Though it can bring benefits, it can also be pricey. “It puts a hole in my pocket!” says Tony Nerantzis. The local travel team SNOW Swimming costs more than $1,000 per season. That doesn’t even cover the cost of the meets, equipment, or travel. Although it is expensive, swimming’s popularity is growing around the U.S.
   Due to the amount of high schools in Loudon County with swim teams, there is severe over-crowding in the pool. Tuscarora and a few other high schools practice at Ida Lee but a majority of schools have to go to Claude Moore. Because of the overcrowding, Tuscarora is forced to practice until 10:30 at night some times. “It is a pain because you stay up late then you’re really tired in the morning and you can’t concentrate.” Says Kareem Elrefai.