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Huskies Defeat Raiders in the Battle of the Burg


By: Meghan Kolcum
September 21st is a day that will live on forever. The rivalry between Raiders and Huskies has been very well-known since the opening of our school, and an epic proportion of a rallied student body and a dedicated team led to the biggest win in Tuscarora history. A fun-filled day of spirit, a pep rally, and an unforgettable game will not soon be forgotten.

As the SCA began their sales of the “Crush County” t-shirts, nothing but gleaming smiles glittered upon the faces of students who waited in line. SCA co-president Shelby Anderson, a senior, had this to say about the sales: “Business is going very well and the student body is as excited as we are.” As business began booming and the sales of t-shirts increased, 500 shirts were sold in just two days. County shirts were decided upon by the SCA at the beginning of the school year, but why?  “We decided that County was the biggest rival our school had and because last year’s game was won in an epic and dramatic fashion, the SCA decided to go all out for the County game this year,” explained Anderson. The student body continued to buy shirts, and in the end 700 were sold.

As the momentous day continued and the clock ticked along, the pep rally allowed for nothing more than a huge explosion of enthusiasm. A roar of clapping and screams filled the gym. Voices were heard and noise was made as cheers erupted from all the students. “I love school spirit. It’s pretty cool all coming together as one,” said senior Kristian Welch.

The t-shirts added to the epic and dramatic effect of the County game, but the students brought the energy that was needed to help support the team. “Energy [is] the most important quality a person needs to have in the Terror. We like to get loud and crazy, and you cannot have that 2 o’clock feeling. You need to be focused and ready to yell from start to finish!”  commented senior Kyle O’Connor. The cheers were the support blanket for the team; however, they only allowed for a strong enhancement of the game that was on its way to a clean victory. One voice was all the student body needed. That voice belonged to Kyle O’Connor: a man of great integrity who anyone could easily look up to, a person with fierce and passionate dedication for football, a student who is known for believing. “The Tusky Terror means the world to me! It’s basically like a second home. I live for the noise and the madness. If this school didn’t have such an incredible and exciting student section it just wouldn’t be the same,” said O’Connor.

The County game was filled with nothing more than a huge mob of people. The song “Black and Yellow” should’ve been playing, since all the students were decked out in either one color or the other. As the game began, students’ roars on both sides could’ve been heard from Maryland. The crowd was on fire. The spirit of the Tusky Terror only enthused the players to continue onward in their mighty quest of defeating the Raiders.  As the first half came to a close, the Huskies scored a touchdown, making the score 7-0. At the end of the second quarter, no more progress had been made by either team. With the marching band coming onto the field, nothing but true dedication from the players allowed them to prevail onward as the third quarter continued. Unfortunately, the Raiders scored and made a touchdown. The Huskies were so pumped with adrenaline that nothing would stop them from changing this tied score of 7-7. A few short minutes later, the score was 14-7. In the fourth quarter, nothing could stop the Huskies. Adrien Stinger had the ball and headed for a touchdown with 10:40 left on the clock. With another successful kick, this left the Huskies with a score of 21-7. Peering over at the clock, nothing but a miracle could help the Raiders with two minutes in counting left. The end of the game brought a huge triumph from the Huskies, proving for another year their superiority over the Raiders.

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