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What’s Next For First Winning Team?

By Claire Frank
(Leesburg) “Boys soccer can be remembered as the first team to do something at THS,” said Preston Phillips, captain of the Tuscarora High School’s spring 2011 Boys Varsity soccer team. “People on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites support us all the time and still bring up boys soccer, even during the offseason.”
With a record of 13-8-1, the Tuscarora Boys Varsity soccer team was one of Tuscarora’ first winning teams. Angel Garcia scored 21 of the team’s goals. The team made it to the state level tournament, with crowds averaging at around 50 students at each of the games that got them there.
“I can’t say enough about the appreciation I had of the students and parents that came out last year,” said Adam Knight, starting goalie. “I think it really helped us through several tough games and encouraged us to play our hardest no matter who our opponents were or what the score was.”
“For us, the spectators are one more player of the team, they are very important to us,” said Angel Garcia. “Hopefully this season we can get the same amount of spectators or more.”
Tusky Terror, Tuscarora High School’s student section, started many traditions at these games, such as their main cheer, “I believe that we can win!” and the flag that comes to every game.
“It was the spark that started the spirit at Tuscarora,” said Kyle O’Connor, head of Tusky Terror. “No one really cheered for anything else, but ever since we started, Tusky Terror has been amazing and I thank soccer for that.”
Now that it is spring 2012, it will be interesting to see what is in store for the team.
They will be facing new rivals, such as Heritage High School and Loudoun Valley High School. Theories as to who will be the most challenging team this year differ from person to person.
“The game that will be most challenging this year will be Heritage, the first game of the season,” said Preston Phillips. “Heritage will be our rivals and they pose the greatest threat to beating us.”
Starting goalie Adam Knight agrees, saying,” Our first game against Heritage will be highly spirited and will bring out the best in both teams because of rivalry.”
Head coach Dave Gryder, however, has a different opinion. “I think the game versus Park View will again be the most challenging.” Park View defeated the Huskies twice in 2011.
Another key difference from last year will be the roster of the team.
“The roster will change slightly,” said Preston Phillips. “Surprisingly, a few players decided not  this year and a few will not make it. New players have arrived and transferred so we will be making good new additions.” Approximately 70 students are trying out for the team this year, with only 22 open spots on the team if Coach Gryder takes the maximum amount of players.
Even with all changes, the soccer team will be something to watch. The team will undoubtedly be trying to make it to the state tournament again, and it will be interesting to see if they make it there. Students are being encouraged to come to the games this year, with many players expecting even higher numbers of spectators at each game.
“I expect there to be a lot more fans this year, last year was just too much fun to come back,” said Kyle O’Conner. “I plan on attending every game I can this year, and I expect the rest of my husky brothers sisters to do the same!”

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