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Opinion: CLARITY: Making Grades Clearer for Students and Parents

By: Alessa Fisher

LEESBURG, VA-Clarity, run by Global Scholar previously only used by faculty, is a relatively recent development in technology that allows for parents and their student to have 24/7 access to their grades, assignments, and attendance. This simple and safe website ensures that students have no reason to fall behind in class because all work, missing and completed, is available. From first-hand experience, this program has shown to be extremely helpful in keeping grades “transparent.”
One feature of Clarity is the ability to customize your preferences to a tee. For example, a notification can be sent via e-mail to the student or parents regarding a class that drops below a certain average. This feature is incredibly helpful because if you can catch the problem as or before it occurs, chances are it won’t get any worse.
Popular opposing arguments I’ve heard to this are “My parents are going to be angry if they constantly know my grades!” and “They won’t stop bugging me about it!” Of course, means to cease the nagging are as simple as doing the work. “There are no excuses,” says Assistant Principal Mrs. Hall.
In addition to the cool amenities that come along with Clarity, the program allows easy and secure access for it to be utilized any time of the day! I’ve even been on the road with my Smartphone in hand, tapping away, checking my assignments. Also, some also may wonder if it’s really necessary to have so much access to our grades. That view is like asking if taking off my closet doors to have constant view of my wardrobe is “too much.”
No, it’s not too much, and it is necessary for me to be able to see the grades I earned. It only makes sense. Plus, due to the excessive work that some of the teachers have accumulated, they are unable to take two minutes from their lives to print out a grade report for me.
Nevertheless, because of this public (but still private) access to our grades, there can be no more excuses as to why assignments are missing or late. Parents, save yourself the anxiety of waiting for your student’s report card. And students­­ — just do the work and you’ll be free to do as you please on the weekend instead of studying for an extra two hours.

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