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Diamonds in Da Burg: What's A Blimpie?


By: Dominic Gavan
I should phrase that better: What used to be a Blimpie? The Exxon station located on Catoctin Circle on the outskirts of Leesburg is definitely a diamond. This station is located right across from the Catoctin skate park; consequently, most of the customers are coming for a soda or a bag of Skittles after a long day of skating. When I was a little kid who rode BMX, the Exxon (Blimpie at the time) was a refreshing place to go in and get a quick snack.
            To paint a picture of how pristine this diamond is, I will tell you that the employees were extremely tolerable of all the kids that would often end up residing in the AC-blowing building. The employees also often would help             pay for something or even give you a free item. Things like this are a gift from God for the average teenager. The customer base for this station does go far beyond your average skate rat, though.
            This station is frequented by students from Douglass School, who get out much earlier then most public schools do. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy the station before it gets busy around four. The students often walk a mile out of their way in the hopes of getting a free soda or 20 cents off a pack of gum. Also, the station is conveniently located right next to the W&OD Trail. This means even random bikers can bask in the shine of this diamond.
            This diamond, however, is a diamond in the rough. The inside of the station is very dark, almost like an insane asylum in a horror movie. It is almost comical the way the floors creepily complement the dim lighting. Much like in life, you should never judge a book by its cover. You could be missing out on a free bag of M&M’s!

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