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Opinion: Just Call Me…… The Greatest Sports Writer of All Time

By: Brandon Ford

Just because I’m never wrong.

 I’ve been calling since the start of the college football season that Alabama was the best team in the nation.  Even when LSU defeated Alabama 9-6 back in early November, I continued to say that Alabama was the best team in the nation.  If any of you highlight-watchers watched that game, you would realize that Alabama beat themselves.  Marquis Maze threw an interception on a trick play at the goal line and the Crimson Tide missed four field goals in that game.  Even as all the sheep and highlight-watchers said that LSU was going to beat Alabama, I continued to speak the truth and say that Alabama would dismantle LSU and take what is rightfully theirs: The 2012 National Championship. 

 In all seriousness, the only chance LSU had of leaving New Orleans with the coaches’ trophy was if Trent Richardson went down with an injury, quarterback AJ McCarron played worse than how he played in the first game between the two back on November 5th, and Alabama beat themselves again with costly turnovers and missed field goals.  Alabama’s defense was one of the best units ever assembled in the history of college football, and they sure weren’t going to take a night off, especially when A) they were hungry for revenge and B) this was the National Championship game.  LSU had to have played a perfect game to have won, and instead of playing perfectly they played their worst game of the season.  Quarterback Jordan Jefferson played a game that made Timothy Tebow’s games against Kansas City this season look like Pro Bowl numbers.  This isn’t even me using hyperbole and/or me being the most diabolical hater to ever touch a keyboard, but if you watched the game (not just the highlights), you would have seen that Jordan Jefferson looked like a deer in headlights out there against Alabama’s pass rush.  He looked flat out scared and like he didn’t want to be there.  The poor boy was shaken and should have been taken out at the end of the first half.
 Les Miles didn’t do Jefferson, or the team for that matter, any favors either.  His stubbornness and refusal to take out Jefferson hurt the team on offense.  Miles was outcoached by Nick Saban, just as he is every time the two teams play.  Would putting in Jarrett Lee have helped matters on offense?  Probably not, but the fact that he didn’t do it in the first place shows that Miles is one of those coaches who will try and fit a square into a circle. Saban isn’t one of those men, and that is why he will always be a better coach than Miles.

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