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SLED Lends a Helping Hand

By Forest Langhorne
LEESBURG, VASLED, the after school homework help and studying program held in the library, which many students associate with its big posters, has left a big impression on some. SLED’s ability to offer after school help with teachers has proven to be a very useful tool to students who are willing to stay after school. 
SLED was started last year by the Tuscarora administration to offer another opportunity for students to get more interaction with teachers and help in subjects they are struggling in.  Throughout last year, SLED’s success increased, with more and more teachers and students staying after school.  By the end of the year, many students had incorporated the SLED time on Tuesdays and Thursdays into study schedules. They are looking forward to another continued year of the program.
The administration and the library staff recognized the success of SLED and decided to continue the program again this year.  Once again, many students have taken advantage of SLED to get work done and collaborate with teachers on new material and class projects.  “It helps me get my work done,” said sophomore Jessica Thoppil, voicing the main reason that most students come to SLED.  She went on to say that it seemed like SLED produced a very productive and helpful environment, an opinion also shared by sophomore Georgia Underhill, who stated, “[Going to SLED is] a very good use of my time.”
However, some students, like Neeraj Dalvi, could still think of ways to improve SLED. “I think that if more teachers from the different subjects could come to check in on students more frequently, it would be a lot more helpful,” said Dalvi.  Other students also said that they thought they should be able, among other things, to bring food into the library.  However, they all agreed that SLED still had a very productive atmosphere. 
With SLED expected to continue through the rest of the year, the program will provide another in-school environment to help students study and get work done, along with allowing students to meet with teachers on different subjects and issues.

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