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The town of Leesburg has a vast history from being involved with the Civil War to national help across the world but what do you know about your towns history?  Originally known as Georgetown, Leesburg, Virginia established in September of 1758 as the Act of the Assembly created the Town of Leesburg. Leesburg went through many different phases as it developed as a town.  One of those phases was called “Antebellum Leesburg”. From the years 1814-1860, when most of the citizens of Leesburg as well as Loudoun County were slaves but, most of the slaves in Leesburg were more skilled in work with artisans, shops and in their own homes. Residents were also Quackers, Methodist and Presbyterian as well as had the eventual hope to send freed slaves to the new colony of Liberia, Africa.  During the Civil War in the time period Leesburg was in a strategic place geographically since we were on the border of the Union and the Confederation. This caused the delegates of Leesburg, Attorney John Janey and John Armistead Carter voted against secession. Leesburg, following the Civil War changed leaders about 150 times and suffered from raids and combat on the streets of the Town. Following the Civil War, the United States entered a period of Reconstruction.  The impact on Leesburg was not as significant but, because of the distance Leesburg is from Washington D.C. reconstruction was able to happen faster than places elsewhere. Loudoun Farmers helped both sides of the war effort. The local farmers of Leesburg also had side effects of the retreating armies but, their problems were all common throughout the south. Leesburg locals were able to send what little crops they had to markets in Georgetown and Baltimore and because of inflation and the amount of people in Washington D.C., they were able to gain money and become “The economic hub of Loudoun.”  Also, the amount of railroads that were travelling across and the United States caused Leesburg to become a main stop through Loudoun County as the trains were travelling west down the coast. Many years later, Leesburg briefly helped the United States during both of the World Wars. From the end of the Second World War to present, Leesburg has always continually grown, residents have always advocated for our historic past and always strived for the best for our town.

Flash forward to today, Loudoun County is now one of the richest county in the United States.  As we look back in the town of Leesburg’s history, the slaves that were from here had more freedom from being in stores, homes and work as artisans, unlike the normal treatment of slaves during that time period.  We live in a place where we are always rapidly advancing from other places in our country, just as we were in the 1800’s. In our education now, we have the opportunity to chase our dreams, in school, we have the opportunity to go to Monroe Advanced Technical Academy, a place to delve deeper into the field that you want to pursue in the future at no cost except your time for an application.  Other places in our country don’t have the access to that excellent opportunity. Living in a place such as Loudoun County has truly been a challenge but a fantastic place to grow. We have always been able to strive for the best no matter the circumstances. Being in and growing in Loudoun County has all but prepared me for how to pursue the life that I want to live.

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