The Bad Boys Club


When seniors Zaina Khushabakht and Brianna Ayoub started the Bad Boys Club last year, they originally had seven members. Since then, it has grown significantly.

“It was only like six people, so this year they decided to make an application. Many people were intrigued. 40 people took the application and our numbers have grown,” said senior Gabby Mashkouri.

The club meets to learn about and discuss conspiracies, forensics, serial killers, and criminology. “At first, we started it as a joke, we never thought it would actually get approved.  Besides that, both of us are interested in criminology and conspiracy theories and knew other people were too,” said Khushabakht about starting the club.

“We were learning about delinquents in the 1970’s and Zaina turned around and was like, ‘We’re bad boys,” said Ayoub about the origins of their club’s name.

“We wanted a name that would catch people’s attention and wanted it to be something lighthearted and funny considering that the topic is usually talked about in a more serious tone,” said Khushabakht.

Their meetings consist of presentations on serial killers or forensics, ranging from Jack the Ripper to the Illuminati. “We usually talk about serial killers and criminology and about the actual bad boys who go to jail,” said Ayoub.

“It’s a lot of looking and the facts and it’s helpful that Dr. Sulek is here, so if there’s anything that’s forensics, we can ask her questions about that,” said Mashkouri.

AP biology teacher Dr. Nancy Sulek decided to become the sponsor of Bad Boys Club because she’s interested in forensic science as well. “My favorite part is when they do these really good presentations. I find that very interesting,” she said.

Originally, just Ayoub and Zaina gave the presentations, but later they opened it up to other club members to participate. “I asked if anyone else wanted to make a powerpoint and five different people were interested,” said Ayoub.

Senior Kaushiki Valluri likes this aspect of the club. “I like how students that are part of the club can take over the meetings. Club members can make their own powerpoint and present it to the club during the meetings,” she said.

“It’s always entertaining because they’re always presenting something interesting but kind of ridiculous and it’s just a really silly group so it’s always fun,” said junior Jordyn Anthony on what she likes about being apart of the club.

Khushbakht’s favorite part is the space that the club provides. “The best part is that we’ve created a space where people can come together and talk about things that really interest them. The members are as interested in criminology as we are and usually have something new to bring to the table and teach the club about,” she said.